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About Greg Casey - Founder/CEO

greg casey
Mr. Casey has been a business owner or in sales management since college. His first business venture was a Radio Shack franchise in Georgia that he later sold to his partner. He then moved into the communications industry with his Chattanooga, TN based business named Electronic Data Communications, where he replaced the old "ticker-tape" terminals with smart terminals using CompuServe, a front-runner to the internet. He literally sold himself out of business within two years. He then managed an IBM Franchise store, introducing many new technologies to his clients.

He had to leave the computer business when his part-time Network Marketing business, National Safety Associates, produced a substantial full-time income. He developed a nationwide company and became a six figure, top ten percent money-earner. He also developed training programs for four different companies.

In 1995, his next venture was a long distance company, National Communications Network, Inc., where he became a major carrier's largest agent. He sold his business to the carrier in a multi-million dollar 1999 deal. Later that same year he moved into the legal insurance industry with an Oklahoma-based provider where he developed over 5,000 customers. His expertise was in the business and employee payroll deduction area. In all of these ventures, he developed thousands of salespersons nationally. Mr. Casey is also a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (Institute of Fraud Management). He specializes in FACTA, HIPPA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Safeguard Rule laws.

Mr. Casey was also involved in church ministry for 25 years. He was the Music Minister in five churches accompanied by his wife, Cathy, as the church pianist. His ministry ended when he was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia which diminished his singing voice.

Mr. Casey has been a vocal advocate for the 2nd Amendment for many years. The need for gun-owner legal protection was brought to his attention by a member of a Tennessee-based gun owner association. After looking at the biased media coverage of gun ownership and the constant ebb and flow of gun laws in America, he contacted his long-time partner and entrepreneur, Charles Austin, and began this much-needed service named Gun Owner Legal Defense, Inc.

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