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About GOLD Inc.

GOLDInc. is a Tennessee based corporation developed for helping gun owners of America to have a safe and question free expression of the 2nd Amendment. Having been founded at the request of a state firearm association, we are committed to supporting and establishing (if needed) firearm associations in every state. We believe that a grass-root approach to preserving our rights is what is needed to make this freedom available to our children. A portion of the monthly revenue will be set aside for state association development and 2nd Amendment advancement.

Being able to protect and defend ourselves, our families and those who need protection can be a dangerous and challenging quest. We want to help our members to feel safe and confident in carrying and using their firearms when the situation demands us to.

Meet the leadership of GOLDInc.

greg casey
Greg Casey
craig allen
Craig R. Allen, Esq
Chief Legal Advisor
greg casey
Chuck Austin

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