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Why your State Firearm Associations should become part of
Gun Owner Legal Defense, inc GOLDInc's GOLDTeam

Family Several years ago, a member of a state firearm association, approached us about providing a 24 hour legal protection program exclusively for gun owners. After researching to see what was available, we saw that there really was a need for this protection. This was the beginning of GOLDBucks. As we began to create this protection, we also saw that there were other needs in the firearm community. You can see the result as you peruse our site. And this is only the beginning!

The program, that we have developed, includes many features that can be beneficial to your members and also allows your association to receive additional features to offer your members and increase the value of your membership.

We have also developed a program that we call GOLDBucks. It is a recruiting tool that encourages our members to recruit new members. We, in turn, encourage your state residents to join your state association.

Family The price of our family program is only $19.95 per month, but many of our members get their plan for FREE. Yes, that's what I said, for FREE! We discovered that people who own guns usually know other people who own guns. By referring just five of these friends, they get their plan for free - every month. If they continue to refer friends, they can start getting paid every month with our GOLDBucks.

Referral 1 Referral 2 Referral 3 Referral 4 Referral 5 Referral 6 Referral 7 Referral 8 This continues with no limits
Free Membership 2 GOLDBucks 2 GOLDBucks 2 GOLDBucks
2 GOLDBucks Monthly 4 GOLDBucks Monthly 6 GOLDBucks Monthly

There is an additional way that your association benefits from our GOLDBucks Program. As you can see above, once a member generates their sixth referral, they start receiving GOLDBucks every month their members participate. There is no limitation on the number of GOLDBucks that they can accumulate. They can only be spent, just like cash, with our advertisers. We charge the advertiser a 10% fee of the GOLDBucks amount spent, and a portion of this is donated to the association in the member's state. Your association can also become a part of the program and offer your logoed items on our site.

GOLDInc. is expanding nationally and we are looking for one association in every state to support. All we ask is for your mutual endorsement and promotion. The first association in each state to "pull-the-trigger" will be the association that we promote and support. It's a win-win situation!

E-mail us at for more information. Come join the GOLDInc. GOLDTeam family!

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