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Our most popular service is the GOLDFam Family Plan. We have priced it at $19.95 per month so that the average family can afford it. See our GOLDBucks Program to find how some members get their plans for free. Listed below are the features of this plan:

24 Hour Emergency

Few attorneys are usually not available to you for emergency situations 24 hours each day, especially on the weekends and on holidays. Even if they were available, the fees would be astronomical. Our staff and attorneys are available any day, any time.

9 to 5 Weekday Consultation

Our members have access to answers to any questions dealing with firearms Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (EST).

Letters and/or Phone Calls

A phone call or letter from your Provider Lawyer can get you the results you want. Your Provider Lawyer will recommend a letter or phone call when that is the best step for you. One call or letter per personal subject related matter is free with your membership. Plus, you'll receive two business letters each year at no additional cost! Additional assistance for same subject available at a 25% discount.

Self-Defense Protection

This part of our plan is used if you are charged with a crime. (see agreement for details)
1st Year 75 billable hours
2nd Year 100 billable hours
3rd Year 125 billable hours
4th Year 150 billable hours
5th Year+ 200 billable hours

See our Member Agreement for details and limitations.

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