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GOLDPro Professional Plan


GOLDInc. has developed a plan specifically for those who carry a gun for a living. This would include those who work for security companies, law enforcement, money-transferring companies and other similar companies. The price for this plan is $23.95 per month (77¢ per day).

24 Hour Emergency

This allows the member to get legal assistance 24 hours every day of the year. Emergency situations can occur at any moment. Have peace of mind that you will always have someone to watch out for you. Some situations have political or racial aspects. We won't leave you high and dry when these occur. (see member booklet for more info)

9 to 5 Weekday Consultation

Our members have access to answers to any questions dealing with firearms Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (EST). (see member booklet for more info)

Administrative and Termination Hearing Representation

Up to 20 hours of legal consultation, advice and representation for 2 administrative inquiries or investigations per membership year; up to 10 hours of assistance per occurrence. Advice, counsel, and representation for one pre-termination hearing each membership year -- at no additional cost.

Your Provider Attorney will also help with post-termination hearings before a review board or arbitrator. These hours are deducted from the yearly In-the-Line-of-Duty Defense Legal Protection hours. (NOTE: All hours over the above stated consultation and arbitration hours are covered under our 25% discounted rate.)

In-The-Line-of-Duty Defense Legal Protection

This area of coverage is designed to protect our member Professionals for firearm use in-the-line-of-duty. It is our intention to protect our members with coverage. However, situations may occur where the use of a firearm is questionable. These will be determined by a panel made up of Field Advisory Members, Provider Attorneys and a pre- chosen Professional Member Board. The decision of this panel will be final and binding by GOLDInc. and the Member.
1st Year 75 billable hours 100 billable hours 175
2nd Year 100 billable hours 125 billable hours 225
3rd Year 125 billable hours 150 billable hours 275
4th Year 150 billable hours 175 billable hours 325
5th Year+ 200 billable hours 200 billable hours 400

All of this for $23.95 per month (77¢ per day).


See our Member Agreement for details and limitations.

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