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Why become part of Gun Owner Legal Defense, inc GOLDInc Provider Attorney Team?

Family Many of the most successful companies have found ways to get paid a small fee every month off of the masses. We have found a way to tap into three of the largest industries in America at the same time. Over 170 million guns have been purchased in America over the past 20 years. This is a major industry that continues to grow. These are guns that have been purchased legally and the great majority have owners that would only use them for defensive purposes, sport and enjoyment. These are GOLDInc.'s potential customers and the customers that visit our site to use our many benefits or possibly to purchase guns or gun related products

GOLDInc. is expanding nationally and we are looking for gun-friendly law firms to protect and assist our members. Our initial goal is to capture one percent of the legal, law abiding gun owners in every state. The compensation for doing this is unlimited and is based on the membership in the states that individual firms represent.

This chart illustrates the potential of this 1% goal:

Law Firm Income Example Family Plan only

State Sample 1% Law Firm Monthly Bonus Monthly Performance Bonus *Yearly Revenue Potential
Tennessee 28,752 $143,760 $28,752 $2,070,144
Georgia 40,693 $203,465 $40,693 $2,929,896
Texas 96,775 $483,875 $96,775 $6,967,800
*These numbers are at 1% market penetration of actual reporting gun owning households using statistics from U.S. Census Bureau and Gallop Poll self-reporting statistics. These are for illustrative purposes only and in no way reflect actual potentials and no amount is guaranteed. Most of our Provider Attorney Firms represent more than one state.

All in-coming calls will be handled by the GOLDInc. staff and will be categorized into the different areas of coverage. Provider Attorneys will be flagged on each call and will be able to see the topic that will be discussed so that they may do preparation on the subject if needed. This should cut down on call-backs. No privileged information will be discussed by GOLDInc. staff. If there is a document to be reviewed, the member will be advised to fax or e-mail it to the Provider Attorney's e-mail address or fax number with an assigned case number for reference purposes. This will allow the attorney to review the document before they return the member's call.

The price of our family program is only $19.95 per month, but many our members get their plan for FREE. Yes, that's what I said, for FREE! We discovered that people who own guns usually know other people who own guns. By referring just five of these friends, they get their plan for free - every month. If they continue to refer friends, they can start getting paid every month with our GOLDBucks Referral Program.

E-mail us at for more information. Come join the GOLDInc. Provider Attorney family!

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