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GOLDBucks Referral Program

The GOLDBucks Referral Program was developed to reward our members for sharing our program with other gun owners. We have found that gun owners usually know other gun owners.

Here's How It Works

Bob has our GOLDFam plan and pays $19.95 per month for his membership. If he refers five other members who decide to also be protected by the GOLDFam, GOLDPro or GOLDEx, Bob's membership will be free, starting on the following month and continuing every month that his referrals maintain their membership.

Bob's Referrals
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

In the above situation, Bob has referred 8 people. Starting next month, his membership will be free and he will receive 2 GOLDBucks for the three additional referrals every month. So he would receive 2 GOLDBucks times the additional 3 referrals, for 6 GOLDBucks. He can now redeem these GOLDBucks with his state association or any of our advertisers/sponsors to purchase any of their products at their best price dollar for dollar.

If Bob had the GOLDEx or the GOLDPro plan, he would have to have a minimum of 10 referrals of any type of plan to get his plan for free. After he does that, the GOLDBucks would work exactly the same as the illustration above and he would receive 2 GOLDBucks for each of his referrals above the qualifying 10.

All GOLDBucks earned in a month are available for redemption the following month. This amount will be listed on your GOLDBucks Referral Program page.

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