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Why A Matrix?

Why did we choose to use the Matrix business structure?

We knew right away that if we were going to grow at the rate we desired, we needed a way to expose as many gun owners as possible at the fastest pace possible. We had already decided to provide our Members with our Provider Attorney System. This meant that when we opened a State, there was a law firm that depended on us to provide them with a large enough customer base for them to be able to support an extended trial.

We wanted to develop a sales force that would perpetuate itself and build a lasting Member group. We have accomplished both of these by developing our Sales Member/Trainer Matrix system. The Matrix combines the Members and the Trainers in the same marketing structure. The reason this is so special is because with our GOLDBucks Rewards system, a Member can actually get their membership for free by referring at least five other Members and, at the same time, the Matrix forces our Trainers to automatically place new Members under existing Members and Trainers. In fact, a Member can accumulate four of the Members they need to get a free membership from other Members/Trainers. So, they may only have to refer one new Member to get their membership for free. The chances of losing a Member that isn't paying for their membership is probably close to zero. This allows our Trainers to accumulate a residual income from their efforts and the efforts of Members and other Trainers.

The Member can choose to enroll additional Members above their qualifying five and receive GOLDBucks. GOLDBucks can be used to purchase products and services from our Vendors/Advertisers. We will issue two GOLDBucks every month the referred Member continues to be a Member. Trainers receive GOLDBucks and compensation for building our Membership.

Here's how it works:

The matrix automatically fills the first open position furthest to the left and, to make it fair, will fill in all of the first positions on a level first and then all of the second positions, etc. so it doesn't hurt to be the Member/Trainer in the furthest right position. Your upline has to help you build your business to build their businesses. It makes everyone work together to build successful businesses and that residual income we all need for financial freedom.

Members or Trainers who are not qualified should have Members and Trainers automatically placed under them. We placed them in the Matrix so that they will start seeing some success before they even understand why. Once their bonuses reach $10 or more, they will receive an e-mail each month showing them what they could be receiving if they were qualified. We will also include a button that they can click to find out why they are receiving this voided check and how they can receive a real check each month.

The question is, how long can they ignore these voided checks? In many cases, all they would have to do is become a Trainer and enroll just one Member. This is the only marketing plan that has an aggressive program for turning customers (Members) into sales agents (Trainers).

Our Trainers will also be able to recruit their own spouse into the Matrix. The spouse is the only person that can be placed exactly where they want them to be in their Matrix. The spouse will not have to have their own membership, but must have at least six Referral Members to qualify to be paid.

A trainer will be able to start another Matrix leg after they have completed their first 5 X 5 Matrix. They will be part of your upline's Matrix and will be filled on a rotating basis along with their other Matrix legs. The Trainer will be able to use Referred Members/Trainers from this additional leg to qualify for all levels of Trainer.

All of our Members are placed in the Matrix. Even our group Memberships are placed in the Matrix, unless the payroll company, club or state association specifically requests that their members/employees not be placed in it. These groups pay a little less for their membership and there is special training and effort made to close these deals, so the Trainer who closes one of these groups is paid more and the upline is paid less. Those who are placed in the Matrix will still receive the voided check and can enter the Trainer program at any time.

As you can see, we put a lot of thought into the development of our GOLDBiz Matrix Program. We hope that many of you will take advantage of its potential and receive great returns for your effort!

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