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GOLD911 24 Hour Emergency Service

This area of service is designed to give our members 24 hour, 7 days per week access to an attorney for emergency matters relating to their firearms. A trained agent will take the member's call, ascertain their situation and connect them with their on-call Provider Attorney.

The Provider Attorney will guide the member through the legal process to ensure that their rights are protected and have the highest level of representation. If the member is arrested, our agent will assist their personally chosen Bail Bonding Coordinator with our GOLDBond Bail Bonding Referral Service.

Areas of coverage include: (but not limited to):
  • Member GOLDCard with information on how to contact your GOLDInc. Assistance Emergency Personnel if your smartphone is not available.
  • Verbatim scripted carrying card for your statement to anyone at the scene
  • Professional guidance through a possible devastating legal situation by trained staff and local attorney brought online for the state where the incident occurred to give you legal assistance.
  • Attorney will be assigned to represent you if needed under the GOLDDefense portion of your plan.
See our Member Agreement for details and limitations.

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