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Why did we choose to use the Matrix business structure?

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Why be a trainer?

When GOLDInc. was first developed, we had many people who wanted an opportunity to get paid for sharing our program. We found that people who owned guns knew people who own guns.

GOLDBiz was our answer, and the response has been amazing! The basis of this program is to find gun owners and help them get this phenomenal program for free. You can do this by placing referrals under them. You still get paid as if you put them directly under you, but now that their membership is FREE, you probably have a permanent Member who might just want to work with you.

Your goal is to work with all Members and Trainers in your group to help them get new Members and Trainers. As you place referrals under Members, GOLDInc. will help encourage them to become a Trainer by sending them e-mails with voided checks in them for the amount they would receive each month if they were a Trainer.

GOLDBiz is like being paid on a utility. The Members pay every month and the Trainers get a portion of the fee every month.

A Trainer pays a one-time $99 Training Fee, a $10 processing fee, and $19.95 per month Support Fee. We pay out $80 of the Training Fee to you and the support team that has already been established above you. They are responsible for making sure that you understand how to share the membership and opportunity. They will also make sure that you understand how to structure your referrals. The monthly Support Fee also provides you with a referral GOLDBiz site to share with potential Members and Trainers. It also provides you with a back-office to help track your business.

The only qualification to get paid is to have at least 5 active referrals at all times. You can qualify for additional bonuses by referring additional Members.

See our Member Agreement for details and limitations.

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